Landlocked - The Exploration

Landlocked - The Exploration

The landlocked journey with the Saltwater team continues. The surf and travel online shop from Hamburg drives with vans, surfboards and friends to the danish coast, satisfying the unbearable desire for waves and their „home on wheels“. On this road trip, a new landlocked clip was produced and filmed. „Landlocked: The Exploration“ reflects perfectly on the lifestyle of the surf and travel shop. This clip will be premiered on October 29, 2018 and will be published on various social media platforms.

The word „landlocked“ is no longer an unknown term in the surfers community and has often negative connotations, since „being landlocked“ also means that you are cut off from the ocean. A terrible feeling when the weather conditions are promising a legendary swell coming in. However, for many surfers, being landlocked can also be a nice feeling, because it reminds us of great moments as well as motivates us for the next road trip.

In the first part of the landlocked-series, the clip re-created the feeling of the unbearable longing for the ocean, while the second part dealt with the positive side affects that being landlocked awakens within each surfer. In the third landlocked-clip, the Saltwater team is using the opportunity of an upcoming swell in order to take a road trip to the Danish coast. With friends, they travel from one place to another; spend their nights in vans and sit by the campfire under the stars.

It’s all about the feeling being on the road, going surfing and living outdoors. It’s about slowing yourself down and living a minimalistic nomadic life.

Equipped with a surfboard, they walk through coniferous forests and sand dunes, hoping to find some fine waves to surf. The goal is clear: „Go somewhere, where you’ve never been before“.

The clip was filmed and edited by Philipp Sigmund, while the photos were taken by Sebastian Drews. In the main role you can see the surfer Ole Lietz. Philipp, Sebastian as well as Ole are part of the Saltwater ambassadors program, thus, part of the Saltwater family. Here, the Saltwater team proves that this is not just an ordinary online surf shop.

Although, there are not always perfect waves to be found, they are still exploring the coast with their vans, enjoying vanlife. The Saltwater team wants to pass on their love for the ocean, traveling and the nomadic lifestyle to their customers, friends and family.

The Exploration: A Trip To The Danish Coast from Island Collective on Vimeo.

Landlocked - The Exploration